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Bachelor Way and Alderwood Circle for bridge resurfacing, detour onto Colorado Avenue, 7/12/21 - 7/23/21 (Mon – Fri), 5 a.m. - 5 p.m. Intersection of SE 15th Street and SE Caldera Drive for roundabout construction, full intersection closure with detour (Shoefly Road constructed), 7/14/21 - 9/10/21 NE Wells Acres Road (from NE 27th Street to NE Weeping Willow Drive) – Underground electrical conduit construction. Daytime lane closures and flagging. Side street work also expected on NE Weeping Willow Drive and NE Brian Ray Ct. Temporary on-street parking restrictions in neighborhood. 6/28 to 7/30. For further information, visit NW Sisemore Street (from NW Colorado to NW Florida Avenue) – Sidewalk, driveway and alley construction on the east side of the street only. Shoulder and alley closures. Temporary on-street parking restrictions. 6/28 - 7/23. For further information, visit 2021 Bend Criterion Series – special event occurring every Wednesday 7/7/21 - 7/28/21, 3 p.m. - 8 p.m. Multiple Road closures related to event (listed below). NW Crosby Drive between NW Skyline Ranch Rd NW Elwood Lane between NW Crosby Drive and NW Lolo Drive W Lolo Drive between NW Elwood Lane and NW Skyline Ranch Road NW Skyline Ranch Road between NW Lolo Drive and NW Crosby Drive NW Crossing Farmers Market – special event occurring every Saturday 6/5/21 - 10/16/21. Multiple road closures related to event (listed below). NW Crossing Drive between Mount Washington Drive and NW Crossing Drive (Circle) NW John Freemont between NW Ordiway Avenue and NW Fort Clatsop Street NW Fort Clatsop Street between NW Ordway Avenue and NW John Freemont Street NE 8th Street between NE Marlon Place and NE Bennington Way for infrastructure installation, single lane closure with minimal impacts, begins 5/24/21 SW Simpson – Columbia intersection – Closed for Roundabout construction beginning May 17th – August. Full closure of intersection with detour. For further information, visit NE Butler Market – Purcell Intersection - closed for roundabout construction beginning May 3rd - mid September. This is part of the Empire Corridor  Improvements Project.

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With constant emails coming from left and right, it’s easy to keep up with national information. Our leadership team frequently discusses models we see nationally. Will this work here? Will this make things better for our students? While most of the time, my attention is spent on larger-scale innovations, I’ve come to the understanding that big change can also start with one student at a time. Yes, we need systemic change but not at the cost of losing sight of the impact we can make on students, on their families, on our community, by serving one student at a time. Today, we are celebrating the accomplishments of our high school equivalent graduates. Fifty-one students in Muscatine completed the requirements to earn their high school equivalent this year. Their journeys to this point are as varied as the students. Many showed tremendous resolve and navigated barriers to reach this point. Jessica Cavazos is one of those students. Jessica is expecting a child in July. On the day she came to campus to pick up her cap and gown and take photos with her dad, she signed up to take a CNA course to become a certified nursing assistant. She said, “I want to help those who cannot help themselves, someone with dementia or the elderly. I’ve wanted to be a CNA for a few years. My aunt and grandma are nurses.” Last October, she “hit a rough patch” and decided to drop out of high school and move back in with her parents. Her father, Jamie Cavazos, is my Tae Kwon Do instructor at Riverbend Tae Kwon Do, and as I was training one day at the school, he asked for some information about our high school completion program. I put him in touch with Dave Carson and knew that Jessica would be in good hands. Jessica started taking classes at the end of January and mentioned that her teachers, Rachel, Thomas and Susan, were very supportive. They got her caught up, even though she started one week after the other students. She worked at her own pace and sometimes sat on the couch and did math homework for five hours straight.